Projet pour l’exposition Les de la carte / Tonkörper Berlin, Galerie Alice Guy, Institut français de Berlin,
avec Antonis Anissegos, compositeur, Andreas Karaoulanis, artiste visuel :


Le premier fichier sonore présente un prologue alors que les deux fichiers sonores suivants décrivent la cause d’une erreur judiciaire, les témoins visuels et les sciences forensiques respectivement, à l’aide d’une affaire pénale réelle.

Le projet est une collaboration de la criminologue Raluca Enescu et du compositeur Antonis Anissegos qui a été soutenu financièrement par le Musikfonds Berlin.

D’autres fichiers sonores seront produits et une video sera également ajoutée à chaque fichier sonore en vue d’une installation audio-visuelle.

Raluca Enescu – texte, voix
Antonis Anissegos – musique

1. Disrupted Times

Wrongful convictions,
Innocent but in prison,
Fifteen per cent of all convictions.

That’s what the numbers in the US show,
In Europe we don’t know,
It’s a complete mystery.

One case after the other,
Their main causes
We will uncover.

2. They Think They See

(Voice 1)
Eyewitnesses, they see,
With what accuracy?
One in three is wrong,
Some say even two out of three.

The first cause of wrongful convictions!

(Voice 2)
His hair was blond!

(Voice 3)
His hair was dark brown!

(Voice 2)
It was blond!

(Voice 3)
He had long hair!

(Voice 2)
He had short hair!

(Voice 3)
He was short, 1.75!

(Voice 2)
He was tall, 1.85!

(Voice 3)
But he had curly hair!

(Voices together)
We know better, we are his victims.
It was him, we saw him,
At night!
Without the shadow of a doubt!

(Voice 1)
He was arrested and found guilty, a Dutch citizen.
After spending 12 years in a prison in Spain,
He was released in 2016.
The DNA found on a victim was not his,
It belonged to a British man.

Eyewitnesses, they see,
With what accuracy?

3. Dots, Arrows and Numbers

They treat me like an expert,
A sock print expert,
But I’m no expert.
Prints of tires and belts,
That’s my field.

And sock prints?

I love them,
But I’m no expert.
They all know it,
Judge, police, prosecutor.
That’s why they called me.
We made a deal:
They pay me, I’ll tell their story.

The jury,
Half think he’s guilty,
Half think he’s innocent.

With tricks… numbers, arrows and dots,
I’ll change that!

He made us convict him.
When experts talk, they can’t be wrong, they don’t lie.

After 34 years in prison,
He was paroled and sent back to his country.
A bittersweet victory.